Sunday, 1 June 2014

Coding with an iPad

A large number of iPads are being deployed in schools and they should not be discounted from the possibility of helping children learn sequencing and ultimately coding.

Here are my 9 favourite apps for coding.

1. Daisy The Dinosaur - Great app for introducing simple programming blocks to young children.

2. Bee-bot - Works in a similar way to the physical robot, great for developing logical thinking

3. Kodable - Really takes coding to the next level and with the Sync option, lesson plans and a full set of resources, consider investing in the premium option. (Kodable Sync)

4. A.L.E.X. Nice set of levels with a more exciting interface than some of the cute graphics available in other apps. (Only provides in-app upgrade, but 25 levels for free)

5. Cargobot - Great set of levels introduces repetition as well. Completely free and challenging even for adults at the higher levels.

6. Hopscotch - This has gotten very close to being Scratch for iPad with a community and a proper sandbox mode for children to explore. Make sure you check out the new version, which has come along in leaps and bounds.

7. Tynker - I love the narrative approach taken with this and lots of potential. A great way to build up to Scratch on PCs. (Tynker Premium is also available with all content unlocked)

8. Dynamic Art - Wonderful in its own right, but if you do not have PCs then a possible alternative to Scratch. (Full version: Dynamic Art)

9. Codea - I'd prefer children to be on some sort of PCs for text-based coding, but this is the closest the iPad has to a proper coding platform.  (No free version available)

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