Sunday, 15 June 2014

Followers for newbies

It must be tempting when you see the option to buy followers, but what the numbers don't measure is the quality of people in your Personal Network. I joined Twitter quite a while back and started using it because I wanted to be able to navigate my way around the BETT conference. It was a smart move, because I was able to really navigate my way around the conference and I have slowly gained followers and now have what looks like a lot, but I can assure behind the stat is a really great educator or somebody interested in technology.   That's what you want for a PLN people who can help you and you can help.  We're all growing together, you find great things to retweet and you share really good ideas.

So, please don't worry about the numbers, worry about the quality of your PLN! A few great followers and people to follow are worth more than the millions of drones that Kim Kardashian bought.

My policies are pretty simple, I will follow back anybody who:

  1. Tweets in English
  2. Has a profile that indicates they are an educator or technology hobbyist
  3. Does not appear to be just selling something and will contribute to the conversation
  4. Has an unprotected account. (A protected account on Twitter means that you wish to select who follows you and I respect that.) 
  5. Does not post using offensive language, is sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic or geekphobic
I do unfollow people once in a while, who don't follow me, because I want to be part of a two way conversation. 

Have fun and look forward to quality conversations on Twitter!

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